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​Introducing Sorti, the revolutionary new sorting application that will transform the way you manage your digital life.

Hi there,

Let me show you how Sorti improves your metrics and enhances productivity. Looking forward to working together!


Linoy Bar-Gal

CEO , Founder | BSc Software Engineer

The Problem


Today, everyone has too many files and not enough time, which makes us waste time, become frustrated, and get lost in a sea of digital chaos.


Huge Mess!

Productivity Impact

Takes time to sort, causes frustration. Information isn’t presented properly.

Retrieving and Locating

Difficult to organize and remember crucial items.

No easy way exists

The existing solutions, such as manual sorting are not meeting user needs.


Automatic Smart Sorting

 Intelligent AI intuitively sorts automatically screenshots, links, or files, and everything else into categories.

Efficient  Searching

Save All In One Place

Sorti puts everything you need to save for later in one place.

Sorti will categorize every file and will search by tags or words that appears in the link, screenshot or any other file.

Business Model

Affiliate market earnings can vary between 2% and 50% per sale, depending on factors such as product type and app traffic.

Sorti Will

Make Money

On Each











Our major competitors are Fabric, a startup founded in 2023. They currently have an app available only in beta mode, which has been live for about one month. Another notable startup in our sector is Trickle.

Works On Mobile


What Makes Sorti Unique?


Sorts Links and Files


Easy to Use and Great UI


First to Market





Personal Targeting




Future Plans...

We're excited to announce that our working MVP

is about to launch!

Let's get in touch

Linoy Bar-Gal, CEO


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