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Our Privacy Policy

At Sorti, we prioritize privacy and safety above all. Our core philosophy is to minimize data storage to what's strictly necessary for delivering an outstanding user experience. We are deeply committed to the privacy and security of our users' data, embedding these principles into our company's DNA. Every decision we make is viewed through the lens of respecting user privacy.

Sorti safeguards data in transit using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS), ensuring a secure communication tunnel. Additionally, we protect files at rest with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, with SSL/TLS employing 128-bit or higher AES encryption for maximum security.

Our data handling ethos is simple: if we don't need it, we don't store it. Our commitment is to both our product's quality and our users' respect, aiming to maintain this promise consistently.

What We Collect and Why


We follow a minimalistic approach to data collection, guided by the necessity of what we require.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Identity & Access: To set up your Sorti account, we ask for basic identification information such as your name and email address. For those signing up through Google, we access only your name, photo, and email address. This information helps us personalize your account and communicate important notices, including invoices and updates. Your personal info is not for sale to third parties, nor will we use it in marketing without your consent.

  • User Interactions and Preferences: Sorti is designed to enhance your experience by offering suggestions and content that align with your interests. To do this, we analyze your interactions, such as clicks and engagement with our platform. This data helps us to tailor suggestions, aiming to improve your Sorti experience by highlighting content and features you might enjoy. All such analysis is done with the utmost respect for your privacy, ensuring that any data used for these purposes is handled securely and with anonymity where possible.

Data Management

  • Retention: You may delete your account and its data anytime. Following deletion, data is purged from our systems within 30 days, rendering it irretrievable.

Data Connections and Third-Party Partners

  • Google: We utilize Google's services for database management, authentication, and analytics, strictly adhering to their API Services User Data Policy. Google's OAuth is an optional sign-in method, chosen explicitly by users.

  • OpenAI: Sorti leverages GPT-4 by OpenAI for enriching search responses and processing natural language queries. This data is anonymized and not used for model training, ensuring privacy.

  • Oxylabs: We collaborate with Oxylabs for categorizing links shared within our service. This partnership is designed to enhance content relevance and user experience, with a commitment to maintaining data privacy and security. This data is also anonymized and not related to the user itself.

Our partnerships with Google, OpenAI, and Oxylabs are crafted with your privacy in mind, emphasizing transparent, ethical data use across our services.

Should you have further questions about our privacy commitment, please contact us at

We're here to provide clarity and support.

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