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Tired of searching for the screenshot you snapped last week?

Welcome to a world where organization meets simplicity


Smart Sorting

 Our intelligent AI intuitively sorts your screenshots, links, or files,

and everything else into categories, without lifting a finger.

Reinventing Mobile

​Introducing Sorti, the revolutionary new sorting application that will transform the way you manage your digital life.

Easy to Use

To get started with Sorti, share a link or a screenshot to the app.


Sorti offers a seamless and intuitive user experience with a user-friendly interface, ensuring fast and effortless usage for everyone.

Share Without a Care

Airtight Security

Sorti prioritizes airtight security. The AI model doesn't have access to your

private information, like email, name, etc.

All in one place

Special Features

Keep It In Sync

Like and Share

Effortlessly like and share all your screenshots and links

Synchronize your saved Instagram reels or Facebook posts automatically with our app

Enjoy having everything organized in one convenient place

Contact Us

Sorti Headquarters

Tel Aviv, Israel

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